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Premium craftmanship as standard

Designs that will stand the test of time

Quadra® combines premium fabrics, contemporary silhouettes, feature-rich functionality and technical craftsmanship in this extensive collection of tried and tested designs. They have been purpose-built to provide performance at every angle and optimised for rebranding. Each style offering something different to the last, Quadra® products continue to be the go-to for the connected commuter, the tech-savvy traveller and those looking for value without compromising on quality.


Paying homage to our roots, the Heritage collection epitomises classic styles and timeless pieces, accentuated with contemporary features and fabrics.

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NuHide™ for modern luxury

This is the ultimate collection of sophisticated pieces with luxury appeal. For Premium accessories, look no further than NuHide™.


Sports, Leisure, Extreme

As the outdoor market evolves, high-performance gear built for extreme environments is also on the ascent. Ergonomic comfort is always at the forefront when designing for the QX and Outdoor range allowing you to explore all terrains without restriction.


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